2023 Taiwan Photo Art Fair

We are all here! friends who know me, welcome to visit this annual only four-day international art fair dedicated to “photography art”

Meet at the fair: more than 30 photography artists gather together

The annual TAIWAN PHOTO is art fair you don’t want to miss!
More than 30 photography artists will appear at the exhibition, and you are welcome to check in on sit
e. Art lovers are welcome to attend the 2023 Taiwan Photo, which will officially open at 11:00 am on October 19 (Thursday).

GENERAL PUBLIC|11:00-21:00, October 19 – October 22, 2023
VENUE|12th Floor of Syntrend Creative Park, Taipei City (TEL:02-2761-6246)

Thursday, October 19
TAIWAN PHOTO will open its door at 11 am sharp and welcome all our special guests with meetings with special offers on signed and limited quantities of photo books and book signing.

Friday, October 20
International artists VIP evening (only for VIP card holders)

Saturday October 21 + Sunday October 22
Afternoon tours with photographer story telling time

Pre-Sale Tickets, offering you BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.
On the Accupass ticketing platform (link here) (now till 10/15)
On site of 1839 Contemporary Gallery (now till 10/15)

Highlight:Programs and Partners

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Organized byTaiwan Photo Fair Executive Committee、1839 Contemporary Gallery
Associated withMinistry of Culture、Council for Cultural Affairs、Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C
Show Partner|Syntrend、Magic Visual Art
Media Partner|Culture Express、Ambassador、Tatler、 Art Emper、YourArtrt
Printing Partner|ColorNet
Online Ticketing|Accupass
Show Caterer|eslite spectrum、VIGO、TREE TOP、Walkers、Chan Chi-Cha、All Good Gene’s KOMBUCHA、Great Giant Sun

2023 Feature, Exhibitors, Photographers….more

It has been nearly two centuries since the invention of photography in 1839. Despite of the only “photography-based” art fair in Taiwan was born in 2011 till now and hosted by 1839 Contemporary Gallery. The annual results have been recognized and paid attention to by domestic and foreign communication and art magazines. It has become an important annual event leading Taiwan’s fine art photography market.

After more than three years of the impact from the global epidemic, this year we still have 80% of International Overseas Photography Artists showing their original prints. More than 50 artists come from several countries/regions, including, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, South African, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, the U.S. and Zimbabwean, etc.

More information about the exhibitor galleries and photographers, please click the link.

Insight into the FUTURE of PHOTOGRAPHY,
the 10th TAIWAN PHOTO Art Fair officially launched on October 19

Since 2020, due to the impact of the global epidemic, the Taiwan Photo Art Fair has been suspended for three years. We will see you again after the “Double Ten” holiday this October.

This short film introduces you to our performance in curating special exhibitions in the past nine years, and interviewing Chairman Dr. Edward, I-Chien CHIU sharing his stories of established the photo fair to the present, as well as introducing the 2023 feature exhibition, expressing the innovation of female photography in combing future technology.

Welcome for all art lovers to join us and take your actions participate the 2023 TAIWAN PHOTO Art fair, which will officially start at 11:00 am on October 19th (Thursday) at 12th Floor of Syntrend Creative Part. See you there then.

2023 TAIWAN PHOTO fair, interview Chairman Dr. Edward, I-Chien CHIU

GENERAL PUBLIC|11:00 am – 09:00 pm, October 19-22
Thursday, PREVIEW |11:00 am – 09:00 pm, October 19th
Friday, VIP NIGHT|6:00 PM – 08:00 pm, October 20th
Weekend, ART TOURS|03:00 pm – 04:00 pm, October 21st and 22nd
VENUE|12F, Syntrend Show, Syntrend Creative Park, Taipei City
Contact Number|(02) 2761-6246

Guiding by|Ministry of Culture、Council for Cultural Affairs、Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C
Organizer|Taiwan Photo 2023 Executive Committee、1839 Contemporary Gallery

CELEBRATING the Double-Ten in October,
VISITING International Art Fairs, and
EMBRACING International Art & Cultural events
ART TAIPEI and TAIWAN PHOTO 2023 will be held concurrently on October 19-22

The ‘Taiwan Photo Fair’ focuses only on photography artworks and the ‘Art Taipei’ exhibition with mixed arts. Held at the Syntrend Creative Park and Taipei World Trade Center from October 19th to 22nd, 2023 respectively.

In order to let the audience participate in art activities, during the four-day exhibition period, they can enjoy two completely different cross-border and cross-media art fairs. Anyone who holds an ART TAIPEI ticket can enjoy a half price discount.

2023 Taiwan Photo Fair opens for pre-order tickets on September 1st. Buy one get one free for two people company together. Plan your trip and get your tickets!

For ticketing information, please link here ACCUPASS Ticketing Platform or Advance Tickets
Ticket list, please link here 2023 Art Fair Tickets


After more than three years of the impact of the global epidemic, after 2019, the 10th Taiwan Photo Art Fair will restart in October this year. This year’s themed exhibition focuses on「 Female Photography – Art and Technology」. The new venue of this year’s art fair is for the first time close to an interactive field where technology, culture, and art around.  It’s located on the top floor of Taipei Syntrend Creative Park (12F – Syntrend Show). Take your chances and stay tuned for our latest news.
Website: http://english.taiwanphotofair.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Taiwanphotofair/

GENERAL PUBLIC|11:00 am – 09:00 pm, October 19-22
VIP FRIDAY NIGHT|6:00 PM – 08:00 pm, October 20th
WEEKEND TOURS|03:00 pm – 04:00 pm, October 21st and 22nd
Contact Number|(02) 2761-6246