2014 THEME

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Cross contemporary-era, celebrating the 175 anniversary of the invention of Photography

The 4th Edition TAIWAN PHOTO in 2014 presented a broad spectrum of contemporary photography from 1839 to 21st Century and was entitled, “Platinum & Palladium Printing” to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the invention of photography.

Taiwan currently offers a wide range and variety of art fairs, but this exhibition is a unification of International and professional art fairs which focuses solely on unique photographic based artworks. TAIWAN PHOTO is going to exclusively present a wide range of museum-quality work; including contemporary, modern and nineteenth-century photographs, as well as photo-based art.

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Photo Expo has exclusively invited notable Eastern and Western international photographers Cy DeCosse from the United States and Kenro Izu who is Japanese American to showcase both of their well known artworks “Flowers” and “Still Life” Platinum series of photographic works. Those platinum prints are with a wealth of intermediate levels and tones from black to white, as a result, attracting those from the private and enterprise collectors and museums around the world. Through the lasting stability and durability of Platinum, the Platinum photographic prints with highly art value can be kept got over more than 500 years and they last forever.