2023 Theme

TAIWAN PHOTO (http://english.taiwanphotofair.com/), dedicated to photography and photography only, will finally take place in October 19 2023 after 3 years pandemic closure along with 80% international photographer and photography galleries through out 20 + countries.

Photography was first developed over 2 centuries ago. 1839 Contemporary Gallery (https://english.1839cg.com/) has been hosting TAIWAN PHOTO dedicated to photography and photography only. As the previous 9 TAIWAN PHOTO art fairs had been acknowledged in international art media and well promoted.

TAIWAN PHOTO, established in 2011 and hosted by 1839 Contemporary Gallery, features Female Photography – Art and Technology as 2023 theme; with special talk with internationally known artist Kan Mika to discover AI technology in our future.


Thursday, October 19
TAIWAN PHOTO will open its door at 11 am sharp and welcome all our special guests with meetings with special offers on signed and limited quantities of photo books and book signing.

Friday, October 20
International artists VIP evening

Saturday October 21 + Sunday October 22
Afternoon tours with photographer story telling time

1839 Contemporary(Taiwan)、gallery 176(Japan)、RED Photo Gallery(Japan)、Salvador Marco Gallery (Spain)、Galerie Vevais (Germany)

Paul COX (Zimbabwean)、Imogen CUNNINGHAM (USA)、Judy DATER (USA)、Tomoyoshi HAYAKAWA (Japan)、Ayumi HAYASHI (Japan)、Ben Pengkuei HUANG (Canada)、Yu KAMOHARA (Japan)、Mika KAN、Barbara KASTEN (US)、Hubert KILIAN (France)、Eiichiro KIMURA (Japan)、Kino KOIKE (Japan)、Munemitsu KOMATSU (Japan)、Toru KOMATSU (Japan)、Michiko KON (Japan)、Li-Chun MA (Taiwan)、Yoko MAZUKI (Japan)、Matt MILLIGAN (USA)、Yusuke NAGATA (Japan)、Yoshiyasu NISHIKAWA (Japan)、Hayato NISHIMURA (Japan)、Miyuki OJIMA (Japan)、Koji ONAKA (Japan)、Jyh-Hour PAN (Taiwan)、Olivia PARKER (USA)、Hiroyuki SAITO (Japan)、Marco SALVADOR (Spain)、Haruna SATO (Japan)、Keiji SATO (Japan)、Mitsuru SATO (Japan)、Sandy SKOGLUND (USA)、Ayano SUDO (Japan)、Ikuko SUZUKI (Japan)、Kazutaka TAKAHASHI (Japan)、Yusuke TOMONAGA (Japan)、Khorev VLADIMIR (Moscow)、Peng-Chun YEN (Taiwan)、Hitomi YOSHIDA (Japan) etc.

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