2017 Theme

Special Feature: The Beauty of CONTACT PRINTS

Photo Expo has exclusively invited notable Eastern and Western international photographers Yoshihiko ITO from Japan and Bogdan Konopka from Poland, to showcase both of their well known artworks in “CONTACT prints.

Even with today high technology, we are not able to reproduce the quality, the details revealed in the original silver print so experience the pleasure to see and feel these small wonders that seem to come from the past with the beauty of handmade prints although they reveal a very contemporary feeling.

Japanese photographer Yoshihiko ITO’s works are unique contact sheets of a half size camera which express one image on one contact sheet and invisible time and conscious between subject and him on one contact sheet.

Poland photographer Bogdan Konopka is a highly sensitive documentary, referring to a particular tradition. His concept of photography Rooted in the tradition of Polish and French is based on a very large self-awareness and knowledge of the history of photography.


ShinKong Mitsukoshi, Xinyi Place A9, 9F Cultural Center, Taipei City
Address:9F, No. 9 Songshou Road, Taipei 110, Taiwan ROC

11:00 am – 09:00 pm, Thursday, 28th of September, 2017
11:00 am – 09:00 pm, Friday, 29th of September, 2017
11:00 am – 09:00 pm, Saturday, 30th of September, 2017
11:00 am – 07:00 pm, Sunday, 1st f October, 2017

Guiding by
Ministry of Culture
Council for Cultural Affairs
Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C

TungFang Design Technology University
Taiwan Photo 2017 Executive Committee

Exhibition Executor
Department of Photography, TungFang Design Technology University
1839 Contemporary Gallery