2016 theme: Landscape & Architecture


TAIWAN PHOTO fair offers the possibility to art collectors to enjoy a lively and innovative art event, approaches contemporary art through the collection of photography.

Thursday, 8th ~ Monday, 12th of December, 2016

VIP Party
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Friday, 9th of December

ShinKong Mitsukoshi, Xinyi Place A9, 9F Exhibition Center, Taipei City
Address:9F, No. 9 Songshou Road, Taipei 110, Taiwan ROC

This year, we have exclusively invited notable Eastern and Western international photographers Toshio Shibata from Japan and Michael Wolf from Germany, to showcase both of their well known artworks “constructed landscapes” and “Architecture of Density” photographic works.

Japanese photographer Toshio Shibata is known for exploring the delicate balance between human-made structures and nature. He feels like he is borrowing a place to make his photographs.  Photographing erosion control barriers, water catchments, roads, dams and bridges, he examines the unique appearance of such structures in his native land. Through his lens, riverbeds can look like origami, and waterfalls resemble kimono, as well concrete symbolizes something contemporary.

German photographer Michael Wolf produced a beautiful series called “Architecture of Density” to reflect the living conditions in Hong Kong.  He captures this maddeningly dense and repetitive shoe-box type claustrophobic residential structure.

One can obtain/purchase the original prints immediately from 50+ artists’ works within 10 countries.

More than 90% of International Overseas Photographic Artists exhibit their original prints.  The over 50+ artists come from 10 different countries/regions, including China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, UK and the U.S. etc.

GALLERIES1839 Contemporary (Taiwan) 、AKAAKA Art (Japan) 、Galerie VEVAIS (Germany) 、Kichijoji Gallery (Japan) 、Wada Garou Tokyo (Japan) etc

ARTISTSAlain Laboile、Anastasia Chernyavsky、Anna Hurtig、Ayaka Oku、Azusa Kondou、Beth Moon、Bogdan Frymorgen、ChinTing CHIU 邱勤庭、Cy Decosse 、Daido Moriyama 森山大道、Eiko Nagai、Elena Kalis、Eric Kellerman、Etsushi Kaminaga 神永 悦史、Fumiyo Furuki、Futoshi Kokumai、Hengki Kentjoro、Hiroshi Sugimoto杉本 博司、Jack Montgomery、Jacqueline Roberts、Jianguo FENG 馮建國、Jock Sturges、Kawari Inbe、Kenro IZU 井津建郎、Kon MITIKO 今道子、Kumi Yamamoto 山本 功巳、Kyoko Yokouchi、Masashi Asada、Michael Kenna 麥可 肯納、Michael Wolf、Mikio Yamamoto 山本 幹夫、Ralph Gibson拉夫 吉布森、Richard Avedon理查德 阿維頓、Ryuichi Ishikawa、Saint HUANG 黃博聖、Shawn LIU 劉呈祥、Shin Tominaga 冨永 晋、Shiyori Tachibana、Tadatomo Takagi 高木 忠智、Taishi HIROKAWA 廣川泰士、Tokihiro SATO 佐藤時啟、Tom Chambers、Toshio Shibata 柴田敏雄、Victor Cobo、Yoko Mazuki 真月洋子、Yuki Aoyama、Yuri Ozaki、Yuta Iwasaki etc.

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