2017: overlook feature exhibitions

Let’s review annual exhibitions since 1st TAIWAN PHOTO 2011 till today and look forward to upcoming 7th term of TAIWAN PHOTO FAIR on September 28 at ShinKong Mitsukoshi, Xinyi Place A9, 9F Cultural Center, Taipei City (Address:9F, No. 9 Songshou Road, Taipei 110, Taiwan ROC) (Tel: +886+02-2778 8458)

1st TAIWAN PHOTO 2011 /  World of Silver Gelatin
Daido Moriyama /Michael Kenna

2nd TAIWAN PHOTO 2012 /  shake your nerves
Photographer HAL / Thomas Hodges

3rd TAIWAN PHOTO 2013 / The Beauty of “Human”and“Nature”
Taishi Hirokawa / Jock Sturges

4th TAIWAN PHOTO 2014 / Platinum Palladium Print
Kenro IZU / Cy DeCosse

5th TAIWAN PHOTO 2015 / New Vision of Contemporary Photography
Chao, Bin-Wen / Eiji INA

6th TAIWAN PHOTO 2016 / Landscape & Architecture
Toshio Shibata / Michael Wolf

7th TAIWAN PHOTO 2017 / The Beauty of CONTACT PRINTS
Yoshihiko Ito / Bogdan Konopka

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